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"Matthew demonstrated exceptional interpersonal, communication and workshop organisation skills at the Hoffman Institute. It was a memorable, life-changing experience. I couldn't recommend him and his colleagues highly enough - they have become role-models for me in my own work, in terms of professionalism and empathy. Thank you!"

Sylvia Sage - Corporate management training, Coaching, HE lecturer/tutor, Language services & Translations

Fantastic. It really helped. Not just with the objective perspective it gave to the past, but also with the platform it built for addressing the future. Really helpful.

Henry Chevalier Guild – CEO, Aspall

My constellation work with Matthew has had a profound affect on my sense of self, independence and freedom and I am sure it is not a coincidence that I have felt a return of energy and excitement since my work with him two months ago. His guidance was expert, sensitive and light and addressed some surprisingly emotional issues with a light touch. While I specifically wanted to look at family and relationship issues, an added bonus was that this work opened up the possibilities of organisational systemic work within my PhD and I really look forward to continuing to explore this work with Matthew.

Leonie Gordon, Brighton

Thank goodness I came to Matthew as I was about to act on a situation in a way that could have had catastrophic consequences. He helped me see my part in the whole story and the much bigger picture. I was caught up in my own emotions. He guided me gently and supportively and now I have let go and moved on best of all made peace with the characters involved in the play.

Margarita Cole, West Sussex

I saw Matthew because I was undecided whether or not to go ahead with a new work project. The answer was a clear 'yes'. This was already a huge relief; but I gained so much more than this. The session also showed me how to set up the project most effectively, with whom I'd work best and with what degree of collaboration. It even showed me how best to present my work to clients. My intended presentation was full of pitfalls which became rapidly clear and the better solution required much less energy than I had envisaged. Altogether, weeks of ruminating, planning and brainstorming reduced to a fascinating and efficient couple of hours!

Nikki Wyatt,

I chose Matthew to do a private constellation with because I trust him. My work with him was profound and I am extremely grateful. He is a strong, sensitive and skillful constellator.
I will work with him again, which I believe says it all.

Dawn Eagle Woman,

... slowly, like a trickle, moments from our session have seeped into my thinking, into my feelings towards my family living and dead, and certain moments, in particular standing on the threshold of my life, and acknowledging that I have suffered enough, it's time to move forward, whilst deeply honouring the riches that the love and the suffering have given me, was powerful.

AS, London

Feedback from attendants of the Couples and Individuals Relationship days

“ It was a wonderful experience and like food for the relationship, much needed with all the ups and downs of normal life to have one on one time so intensely with your partner.”

Were your expectations met? : “ Yes, very much so, we got on really well after that and it made us remember how it used to be when we first met.”
“I really enjoyed the day and meeting you.”

“I gained a greater understanding of myself and my patterns when in a relationship.”

“I am now more aware of why I behave the way I do.”

“I came away thinking we had covered a lot of ground and appreciated the reading list given, which will enable me to build on this knowledge.”

“I think the course was excellent and would be difficult to improve.”

“The experience was exciting and I hope to use better communication skills in all my relationships in the future.”

“ The experience meant a lot to me and taught me a lot..Thank you !!”