Three-day course for couples

This course for couples is held at The French Retreat, near Bordeaux; in NW London; in Brighton or at a venue provided by you. The French Retreat is the only residential option.

Matthew works with couples more intensively than with individuals. He works in a structured three-day session rather than the typical weekly hour which tends to be too little time to gain traction and build real and lasting change into the relationship.

Matthew has worked with this approach with couples who are keen to stay together, unsure/ambivalent, committed to parting or differing. In any event, Matthew’s intention is to get couples thriving again through clear communication, letting go of past grievances, visioning a positive future and rebuilding respect, trust and intimacy regardless of whether they are together or apart.

Matthew works in a very solution focussed way and the experience Matthew offers sets couples up with replicable tools to work with independently. An intensive approach is often just what is needed to refresh and re-launch a relationship on a positive track. He is available for subsequent one to one and couples’ work in briefer sessions afterwards.

Time of arrival: Anytime after 5pm the evening before Day 1.

Day 1: Communication
Day 1 focuses on saying and hearing what has been unsaid or unheard.
9:30am -10.00am The two of you will meet with Matthew and set the scene
10:00am -11:30am Matthew will work with one of you using a communication model focusing on ...
Experience/observations (the nitty gritty)
Things you (individually) could be doing (that would help you) regardless of whether the other changes

11:30am -1:00pm Matthew works with the same model with the other partner
1:00am-2:00pm Lunch break
2:00pm -4:00pm Matthew facilitates a dialogue between you based on the above

Day 2: Letting go of past grievances:

Day 2 focuses on honouring the past and letting it go. Ultimately it is a grieving ritual about saying goodbye to what no longer serves you and opening up to a positive future.

9:30am - 10:00am The two of you will meet with Matthew and set the scene

10:00am - 11:30am Matthew works with one of you using a grieving ritual to help let go of the past
11:30am -1:00pm Matthew works on the same with the other
1:00am - 2:00pm Lunch break
2:00pm - 4:00pm Matthew facilitates a dialogue between you based on the above

Day 3: Visioning a positive and respectful future
9:30am - 4.00pm
Day 3 is based on a more flexible structure and creates the opportunity to vision the futures you both want as well as managing the overlaps and differences well. This third day also creates the space to focus on specifics that have arisen in the previous two.

ACCOMMODATION For courses held at The French Retreat only

For the duration of your 3-night stay, the following accommodation options are available
depending on your preference:
One room to share
Two separate rooms
You can choose a double or a twin room in either case and all rooms are en suite.


Dinner on the evening before Day 1, as well as breakfast and lunch on the subsequent days are included in the price. Dinner on Days 1 and 2 can be provided on request. Typically, clients dine in the restaurants in the nearby towns on those nights, but if you prefer, dinner can be provided priced €75 Euros for 2

The course costs £2000 whatever the location. Accommodation and meals are charged separately. Flights and transfers are not included.

French Retreat Options

One room to share (double or twin) for 3 nights;
accommodation including
-dinner on the evening before Day 1 and
-breakfast and lunch on Days 1, 2 and 3
Course £2000
TOTAL for 2 people: £2,370

Two separate rooms (doubles or twins) for 3 nights
Accommodation including
-dinner on the evening before Day 1 and
-breakfast and lunch on Days 1, 2 and 3
Course £2000
TOTAL for 2 people: £2,550


The French Retreat, La Loge, Yviers, 16210, Charente, France.
This address works well with satnavs and is searchable as The French Retreat on google maps.
The best contact number is 0044 7976 843 715 (Matthew's mobile) or 0044 7508 920 583 (Matthew's wife - Emma). The local landline is 00 33 545 78 04 79.

The French Retreat is about an hour and a quarter to the NE of Bordeaux in the direction of Angouleme. The nearest town is Chalais. Soon after leaving Chalais on the D731 Brossac Road, you will see a single track lane on the left - signed La Loge. Follow this track and after about 500m on the left, you will see the French Retreat: a group of old stone houses and barns.

Flights to, and car hire at Bordeaux (Merignac) airport are both very straightforward.

Please do take a look at the French Retreat website:

To secure the preferred dates, 50% of the full fee is due at the time of booking and the remaining 50% is due 28 days before the arrival date (The full fee is due at the time of booking if less than 28 days before the arrival date).


Please notify Matthew of any cancellation by email to and also by phone on 0044 7976 843 715.

Kindly note the following cancellation charges:
28 + days before the confirmed arrival date: No cancellation charge
14-27 days before the confirmed arrival date: 50% of the full fee
0-13 days before the confirmed arrival date: 100% of full fee


It is possible to have massages during your stay. See for the options. It works especially well during the morning sessions on Day 1 and 2, whilst one of you is a one-to-one session with Matthew. Please let Matthew or Liz know when booking if you would like to include any treatments.