One-off and ongoing personal coaching for individuals and couples

I offer coaching for individuals, couples and ongoing groups.

Coaching can be the catalyst for greater fulfillment and satisfaction from life, for those seeking support with either focused issues or enhancing their long term well being and attaining goals. 

I also work with individuals and couples for relationship coaching and to support healthy communication. I am available to coach people who are intending to do the Hoffman Process and for Hoffman graduates once they have completed their Process.


For phone, Skype or face to face sessions, regular spaces are available please email Liz on

You can see me in London at Violet Hill Studios, or in SW France (near Bordeaux), where I have my retreat centre.


I also work by phone and on Skype - although for new clients this works better after at least one initial face to face session. My skype name is matthew.pruen


I am happy to work at a frequency that suits you. Typically I do a weekly session until you feel the breakthrough you are looking for and then monthly sessions. It is often appropriate to review this at the end of a first session when you will know better if it's what you are looking for. I recommend our first session to be a minimum of 90 minutes.


I am commuting from France to London so my diary gets very full. It is very important to give adequate notice for changing confirmed appointment otherwise the full fee will be charged
Please give 24 hours notice before changing phone and Skype sessions.
Please give 48 hours notice before changing face to face sessions.

Where to find us